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Pastoral Staff

Bishop Charles Hanchey - Founding Pastor

Bishop Charles Hanchey, Sr., is our founding pastor and the Bishop of Christ's Church. Bishop has been in ministry for more than 41 years. He has served the body of Christ as an evangelist, missionary, teacher, and pastor. He has an apostolic call on his life and he has established several churches in the United States and Southeast Asia. He has ministered in campmeetings, conferences, and seminars across the U.S. and Canada. You will be pleased as he ministers the Word of God with accuracy and anointing. His wit and humor add a unique and pleasing touch to his ministry.
You will find our first lady, Doris Hanchey, to be a powerful Christian leader exhibiting a meek and quiet spirit. The results of her wisdom and influence can be seen throughout Christ's Church. The example she sets as a wife and a dedicated Christian lady has a powerful impact on the ladies that she leads. We have no problem calling her "First Lady", because she is truly a lady in every since of the word.


Pastor Jason Capers - Senior Pastor

Shortly after having been born again and having begun his personal relationship with Jesus Christ, Pastor Capers went on a missionary trip to Guyana and Brazil serving an older missionary who was building ministry schools. During this missions journey, through a miraculous chain of events, he met the love of his life, Sirlene Capers. Their hunger for practical ministry instantly drew them together! In October of 2004, they came to Christ's Church and fell in love with the vision. Here, they faithfully served for two years, with Ms. Sirlene having instituted Children's Church and VBS.
Bishop Hanchey saw the call of God in their lives and invested in them. Pastor Capers has served as an elder of Christ's Church, administrative pastor, and now Senior Pastor of the Christ's Church ministry team. Pastor Capers and his family have worked hard to help build the vision that the Bishop Hanchey has cast for Christ's Church and to strengthen the arms of the man of God as the Vision is made reality. Loyalty, faithfulness, and practical ministry represent much of Pastor Capers' heart, and he teaches these things often. Pastor Capers and Ms. Sirlene have two beautiful sons, Judah and Isaac Capers.

Pastor Greg Read - Christian Education Pastor

Pastor Greg Read is the Christian Education Pastor of Christ's Church.  He is a great example of what a Christian man should be in today's world.  His beautiful wife, Ms. Cindy, and their family are proof that he excels as a father, husband, and teacher.  He conducts Christ's Church Sunday School, Kids in Action services, Vacation Bible School, and brought fantastic parenting classes to Christ's Church.  The scripture asks in Proverbs, "Who can find a faithful man?" and we have an answer.  Pastor Greg models the habits that everyone who is part of Christ's Church should have.  The habit of Devotion is obvious in his life as his prayers and knowledge of the Word shows everyday.  Friendship is a way of life for his family as they show hospitality and reach out to others in real ways including leading a life group.  Giving is the most noticeable part of his character as he models servant leadership, serving others and Christ without concern for spotlight or attention.  He is a true treasure and valuable part of the Christ's Church ministry team.


Pastor Jeff Guined - 180 Student Ministries

Pastor Jeff Guined is the 180 Student Ministries Pastor at Christ’s Church. He and his wife, Ms. Kim, are doing an awesome job giving a generation of young people a reason to change directions. He proclaims Christ as that reason every week to a growing ministry of young people. His leadership is helping 180 reach into local schools, the streets, and even the youth detention center of Jones County. Small group discussions, games, praise, and incredible illustrations are a part of every service. Pastor Jeff’s passion is one the greatest assets of 180 Student Ministries, and we are thrilled at his leadership for a new generation!




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